Devesh Mungad
Data Analyst, Business Analyst
I am currently pursuing my BTech in Computer Engineering with an Honors in Data Analytics and Machine Learning from NMIMS. I intend to follow this up with an MBATech in Business Intelligence and Analytics from the same university. I have a keen interest in recognizing patterns and relationships in data to generate insights and using these to take accurate data driven decisions. So, I wish to explore career opportunities in the analytics field and its multifarious business applications.

I am a highly motivated individual with an unwavering work ethic, competent communication skills and a knack for coming up with creative solutions.


BTech + MBATech

NMIMS Mukesh Patel School Of Technology Management And Engineering Mumbai India
July 2018 -  Present

Mumbai India

Currently in the 3rd Year of a 5 year BTech and MBATech dual degree in Computer Engineering with Honors in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. MBA stream to be chosen next year.

Python Tableau Excel R C Programming SQL Power BI C++ Programmibg
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Places I have Worked
Table Tennis
May 2019
July 2019


Tara Foundation Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tara Foundation is a non profit organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, helping underprivileged kids by providing shelter, guidance and education.
I worked there for over a month training and counselling the underprivileged children under the foundation. I improved the foundation's print media outreach by creating a detailed bulletin showcasing the organization's work over the past year. I also contributed to streamlining day to day operations to cut costs and reduce wastage of resources