Process Culture



The employees are not micro managed and are rarely given performance reviews. Their Work is assessed on a large scale. This type of office culture provides a set of regulations and procedures that the employees follow. It’s different than the normative culture as the regulations are not a bullet-pointed list of do’s and don’ts so much as it is an ideology that the employees adhere to. Employees know what they are getting into when they sign-up and are often self-starters. Unlike tough guy culture, these employees are not micro-managed and they rarely are given performance reviews. If they are given reviews it’s annually and it’s to assess their work on a large scale, their aspirations within the company and potentially a discussion about salary. More often than not, government agencies run operate under the process culture.

Academic Culture

This type of work place environment thrives off of intense training for employees being brought on board and ongoing training for the employees already there.

Normative Culture

This is your everyday corporate workplace. Normative culture is very cut and dry, following strict regulations and guidelines that uphold the policies of the organization.

Baseball Team Culture

The companies keep their employees motivated through regular outings, social events & incentives.

Pragmatic Culture

These companies are driven by customer satisfaction parameters. Motivation of employees is sort to be achieved via sources apart from regular work.

Club Culture

The hiring process can be pretty intense for these work environments, requiring multiple interviews, a stellar resume (and references to back it up), background checks and so on.

Our Environment is all about numbers. If the organization is doing well as a result of the employee's productivity then the employees continue to have a job

In our culture Employees are monitored every step of the way and when something does not meet the standards or expectations of the company

Process Culture

The employees are not micro managed and are rarely given performance reviews. Their Work is assessed on a large scale.

Bet It All Culture

- The companies are known to literally bet the success or failure of their company on single decisions of which the outcome is completely unknown.