I started my first job as a freelance writer in scientific writing domain. As I walked towards my last semester in UG, I came across bioinformartics and biostatistics. Building interest in analytics I took MS Bioinformatics. There I upskilled myself in various tools, techniques and languages. Later, I interned as a data analyst at 'The Sparks Foundation' where I did EDA and visualization. My second internship experience was at MedTourEasy which is a healthcare based startup based in New Delhi. Here, as a data analyst I worked on COVID-19 data and dashboarding ! BS Biotechnology, Mumbai University, 2016-19 MS Bioinformatics,Bharati Vidyapeeth University 2019-Ongoing. (Somehow my eduaction section is not working ) :(


Scientific Writer

BioTech Times Mumbai India

April 2019 - June 2019

Worked on articles like careers in the biological science industry, paraphrasing and data collection. Also, researching on latest science news and writing blogs. Delivering content !

Digital Enterprise Program

GE Renewable Sources Mumbai India

April 2020 - April 2020

Worked on development and improvement of business process models , developing diagrams and optimizing work flow.

Data Analyst

The Sparks Foundation Mumbai India

August 2020 - August 2020

Worked on data analysis of various data sets. Included data pre-processesing,EDA , visualization and dashboarding. Also, implement algorithms for prediction.

Data Analyst

MedTourEasy Mumbai India

September 2020 - Present

Working on healthcare data, COVID-19 analysis. Time series analysis and implementation of ML pipelines on Microsoft Azure paltform. Dashboarding using Streamlit and Python.

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