Student Researcher

Stevens Institute Of Technology United States

June 2018 - July 2018

This internship gave me the opportunity to work on an Emotion Detection System. The system used Facial Recognition. Features of the face were trained and used for classifying the emotion of a person. Seven categories were taken into consideration, namely: Anger, Disgust, Neutral, Surprise, Sadness, Fear and Happiness. Algorithm used was Convolutional Neural Networks.


Bachelor Of Engineering

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues Institute Of Technology Navi Mumbai India

July 2016 - Present

Currently in the final semester of Computer Engineering

Places I have Worked

Alzheimer's Disease Detection System

Developed a system that takes Brain MRI of a person and predicts the possibility of Alzheimer's Disease along with the severity level. Algorithm used was Convolutional Neural Networks. 


Skilled Communicator

Practical Fixer

Energetic Driver

Inspirational Motivator

Responsible Citizen

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