Strong willingness to exhibit my proficiency in Analytical tools, Statistics, and Computing Methodologies in the professional environment. Proficient in Multivariate Analysis Techniques using Python: Linear & Logistic Regression, Segmentation (Clustering & Decision Tree’s), and Machine Learning techniques(Random forest, SVM, Boosting) Have hands-on experience in database management using MySQL and data visualization with the help of Tableau. I think in a way I'm kind of like those models; I'm moldable, but I still keep my creative flair intact. I’m looking forward to acquiring a job in the data science community. Reach me at [email protected]


Trainee - AI & ML

Digital Tesseract Chennai India

April 2020 - June 2020

It is an E-learning platform which specializes in AI & ML
- I was exposed to different use cases of Machine Learning using Python as the platform.
- Written several articles for their blog on data science using WordPress.
- Carried out research and development of potential new service.

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