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20 SEP 2018

IITM Delhi

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People and companies without whom this project would not have been possible.

We believe in Collaborations, If the mission is more important than you, then you focus only on the vision no matter how it gets manifested to reality and no matter who does it. We believe in the vision, and the purpose it brings to our work.If you are working towards solving the same problems then we wish to partner with you.

Reseller Partner: Does your company have clients that could benefit from Getboarded solutions? It could be educational institutes, corporates or even recruitment agencies. Partners typically include companies with access to people responsible for talent acquisition.

Integration Partner: We offer a robust integration framework which allows our solution to plug into a variety of technology platforms. Partners typically include companies with digital products / platforms in the talent management industry.

API Partner: Can your company benefit from API access to getboarded platform? We offer our editor to plug into your application.Are you a developer who can think of an interesting mashup? Partners include ventures with creative product owners who wish to use our design inventory or technology platform like our resume editor. Even talent portals wishing to use our powerful AI search solutions integrated within their site.

Other Partners: Interested in a getting a culture snapshot of your company, personal branding workshops, consulting partnership, co-marketing partnership, affiliate partnership or something else? Let us know what you have in mind just drop a mail and we will take it forward.

Investors: Request a pitch by mailing us at [email protected]